He is the original creator and owner of the Ying-Yang Locket, which set the path to cultivation for Ning Fan.

He cultivates the «Yin-Yang Trans­for­ma­tion» and another self-cre­ated cul­ti­va­tion method : the «Chaos Ring Se­cret Art» which is reknown for having the strongest attack power among Immortal Emperors.

In his prime he was known to be one of the top ten strong Immortal Emperors, during an era when billions of Immortal Emperors coexisted.

He possess the (possibly) last Heavenly Immortal Edict that can lay waste to any of the two Secret Clans in the Eastern Immortal World.

He later gives Ning Fan an opportunity to cultivate another type of bloodline, which is Tribulation Blood.